This week we were blessed to have Tim Watson come and speak to us. Tim is the brother-in-law to the tall and awesome Brian Wang and a Licensed Professional Counselor Intern at Metroplex Counseling in Fort Worth, Tx. Tim was not our average speaker, not only was he related to one of the staff, but he was intentional in hanging out with all of the students. He went Zip-lining with us on our Mystery Monday, had intentional conversations throughout the week, he even walked around campus talking to students. Enough about Tim, and more of what he spoke on this week. 

This week he talked to us about Biblical Counseling and how we are are called to counsel to a certain degree. Tim defined counseling in a fundamental way: any form of teaching, giving guidance or an act of helping a brother (or sister) get through a situation. Counseling started in the Garden by God (Gen 1:29) and is most talked about in the New Testament, Jesus counseling the 12 disciples, Timothy and so on. So we know that counseling is Biblical and from God, cool! We are are called to do it. The great commission (Matt 28:19) says that we are to go and make disciples of all the nations. Counseling is a key part of that part, so we are all called to do it. 

What I have shared is just a little piece of Tim's involvement here this week at Link Year, not saying that he didn't do a lot, which he did, but Tim came here and made an impact rather than just speaking. He came here, got to know every student and he talked about something that is relevent and benefitted everyone here. Tim was not only one of my favorite speakers, but a cool dude and someone that I will remember for years to come.

- Rand Deuchler