Today we went to Dublin. The planned stops were, Book of Kells, A super awesome Library, Fish and Chips, Free Time, and The National Gallery. The Book of Kells was amazing. Seeing a book that has been perfectly perserved since 800 a.d. was incredible and it was that much more incredible being that it was a book containing the four Gospels. It was truly an awesome experience. One side highlight to the exhibit was that not only did the translators find other Biblical texts to compare but they also tried to find and common books of the similar time to help distinguish writing styles and common language of that time. After that awesome experience we were suposed to see another gem of Dublin known as The Chester Beaty Library, but a temporary sign said that it was closed Monday. What better way to shake off some disappointment than to eat some Fish and Chips, and that's exactly what we did. After lunch, we had some free time. That free time was spent by visiting the Guinness gift shop, my cousin is a beer enthousiast and I had to get him a souvenir, and other uniquely Dublin shops. The National Gallery of Ireland in Dubland was the last stop on our agenda. This was my spot to be a tour guide. At the gallery we were split up into four groups and was given a tour guide. We stopped in the Jack B. Yeats sketchbook exhibit and stopped at a few highlights in the Masterpiece Collection. What really stood out to me during the tour was the heavy Biblical influence in most of the paintings. I think that the influence that the Bible has on art is really astounding and just a testament to the fact that God and His influence has no boundaries. Our tour guide was very knowledgeable and gave a great tour for the amount of time we had. All in all, the trip to Dublin was awesome and well worth it. The city is a really neat city packed with many jewels. I just wish I had more time to see them all.