C.S. Lewis Trail

Today we woke up and had Dr. Hadden Wilson come speak to us about C.s Lewis’s upbringing and accomplishes. He informed us of Lewis’s church and the history behind its building. We also were informed about how throughout his life he was raised Anglican Christian and after his mothers death started doubting and was tutored in schooling by an atheist and became an advocate for it. After much theory and many people pouring into his life at Oxford on a car ride to the zoo that is exactly where he came to except the Lord. Lewis wrote many novels but not many were a impactful to the world as the Lion, the witch, and the wardrobe series, which were based off of the Bible but a fairytale world. He had evangelical truth in his novels and had a Christ figure named Aslan that on a side note is the reason my mom named our dog Aslan, is due to C.S Lewis’ s book. He had many quotes that he lived by such as “you can only experience real sadness if you’ve experienced real love”, and “you cannot forgive others until you’ve forgiven yourself”. I believe both of these quotes ring true today and have standing in each of our own lives. We were taken on the C.S Lewis Trail which entailed a trip to the Searcher Statue in which I had my project on of the figure Digory Kirke walking into the Wardrobe from Narnia, it was a life size statue and neat to see. We continued into his childhood church in which we saw the stained glass window in which he donated in honor of both of his parents. Proceeding to his family’s home that he moved into at the age of 9. It was a short trail but a neat experience to learn about this Godly man’s life. 

By: Amber Katynski