Will Work For Jesus

This week at the Kanakuk Link Year was incredible! Austin Ochs, our speaker, spoke about the importance of being a good steward with what God has given us. He explained the importance of viewing life with an eternal prospective. “What we do here on Earth Echoes into eternity”, was a movie quote he used to illustrate the message of Godly management of resources. Austin showed us how his family runs their business with a biblical and ministry minded foundation. He talked about the importance of sharing Christ in every type of environment, not just a non-profit ministry. We spent a good portion of time examining what it would be like to “run the race” for Christ and stay in the fight until the very end! In order to fight, we must have the right mindset and realize that life is a battlefield not a playground. The process of sanctification is long and hard, but the reward at the end is worth everything! Austin told some very inspiring stories of how he took the call of sharing the gospel very seriously and the steps he took to answer God’s calling. We have all been blessed to be a blessing to others. Everything we have is the Lord’s who has given it to us to take care of and manage wisely. My personal relationship with the Lord exploded with growth this past week. Austin’s message made me realize that no matter what I do as a vocation in life, whether it be a for profit or non-profit, business or ministry, my only calling in life is to grow my relationship with the Lord by seeking Him and I also have to tell others about His amazing gift that cleans our sins away. The world is a dark place, Jesus is the light of the world and God uses us to spread His message! How awesome is it that we get to be God’s tools to draw people into His Kingdom?!?