Week In Review

This week has been an absolute blast! Especially our second Mystery Monday, this week we were given a classic Disney movie but with a twist added to it i.e. Aladdin as a horror film, Snow White and the seven deadly sins, etc. Our "mission" was to go out into Branson in the groups we were placed in and take photos to recreate the story with its added elements. If that wasn't difficult enough we were given a maximum of 15 photos to tell the story ALSO  we had to have a complete wardrobe change in at least one of the pictures.

So we got into our groups and received our "movies" and then began the mad dash to grab a change I clothes and get to the cars. -personally I feel like the leadership here puts time limits on things just because they want to watch us run us out of energy at least one day a week-

My group was AK, Jesse Anne, Timothy, and myself. We got the movie Snow White and the seven deadly sins. I won't act like we were a little perplexed as to how we were going to accomplish this movie remake. You see the is truth that 2 of us had never seen the movie before and the other 2 couldn't really remember specifics of it. So we did what any struggling student does...We looked it up on Wikipedia.

After a few minutes of browsing the story we came up with a semblance of a plan and began furiously taking photos, some making sense, most of them not. We managed to find a castle and a log cabin for background and then did our best to recreate the story while incorporating the 7 deadly sins.

At 11 we headed back to the chapel where we were going to present our creations. We presented ours along with all the other groups, there was a lot of laughing and shaking of heads. Unfortunately we did not win the competition, nor did we place in the top 3... But that's ok! It was so much fun getting to be ridiculous with my group.

I can't describe how blessed I feel to be here at Link Year. Not just for the fun that we are able to have, but also for the relationships that are being built as everyone here pushes each other towards the Lord.