Weakest Link

Do you remember that show “The Weakest Link”. The host Anne Robinson had the tag line, “You are the weakest link! Good Bye!” She was notorious for humiliating her guest. With her English accent she was always straight faced and blunt. I was thinking about this show the other night as we continue to put the first year of the Kanakuk Link Year together.

This show was all about working as a team to create the maximum amount of earnings possible. And as the show progressed contestants who didn’t carry their own weight were eliminated, or deemed the “weakest link.” Statistics are staggering with the amount of Christ following students who are having their faith eliminated within their first year of college. Professors are able to pounce all over these links that seem to be so weak. What if students came in to college as the strongest link? Hello.

This is where my passion is ignited. This is what the Link Year is all about. We want to create a LINK between High School and College that will equip students in such a way that when they leave our campus they will step foot upon a new campus as one of the strongest links that University has to offer. So rather than them being eliminated as the weakest link, they will be greeted as one of the strongest links on campus. In the process they will engage in their college experience, be more focused, stay the course, impact surrounding students, and finish well.

My excitement continues to grow as more and more acceptance letters are being mailed out to students desiring to experience the LINK year. So rather than hearing “You are the weakest link, good-bye,” may I say “You are the strongest links! Hello.”

Brian WangComment