Tornado Relief

All students and staff are back and recovered from jetlag! We are so thankful for the time we got to spend in Ireland and miss our friends at Lakeside Manor! Hopefully many of you have kept up with our trip via this blog! If not, please read several of the previous posts, as the students and staff blogged about our travels regularly. Also remeber to check our flickr account for pictures!

As many of you may already know, a tornado came through Branson in the early morning hours last Tuesday, February 29th. There is significant damage to many theatres and other buildings on what locals call “the strip,” highway 76. We were blessed by the timing of this destructive storm, as it is the “off season” here in Branson so hotel capacities were low and thte last shows for the night had released hours before the storm hit. Reported injuries were minimal and the Lord truly blessed the Kankauk family as there was no damage to any of the kamps, or the k-kauai campus where Link Year and Kanakuk Institute students are housed.

Pictures of some of the damage througout Branson can be seen here:,0,2600850.photogallery

The Link Year students have grown to love the town of Branson this year (how can  you not?!?). They were saddened by what they saw when we pulled into town and instantly students were eager to help. With spring quickly approaching and summer not far behinf, the busy season in Branson is only a few weeks away In effort to give back to the town and community that has given so much to us, students and staff have jumped in with all hands on deck to aid in the tornado relief. Some students volunteered yesterday afternoon and truly had a great time. Today, we have dedicated our classtime and early afternoon to tornado relief. Students loaded up just a few minutes ago with gloves, boots, face masks and headed in to help an sweet elderly man clean the wreckage at a local hotel that he has owned for years. We are thankful for the opportunity to bring faithful hands and feet to bless this man!