The Week In review- Luke Parrott

This week the students heard from friend of Link Year, Luke Parrott. Below is a recap from a student’s persepctive from Jake Whitfield. We also had two of our required work days this week. The Lord blessed us with sunshine and beautiful weather as we got the opportunity to serve the maintenance staff and Kauai campus! There were great conversations, interesting tan lines, and a surprise Sonic Happy Hour delivery. Fun times had by all!

This week was extraordinary. Luke Parrott came to teach our class about the importance of our story and how God uses events in our life to shape us. One profound thing that Luke stated was that God often uses some of the most painful experiences or areas of pain in our life to give us a great passion to help others struggling with the same things. We went through the story of Joseph. It was really neat to see how Joseph was able to continuously trust in the Lord even when it seemed like his world was coming down. It posed the question, does God bring about hard times in our life to grow us closer to him? What man intends for bad God uses for good. We were given an opportunity to write out our story on a time line. It is crazy how little things in our past can have such a profound impact on how we cope with life struggles today. Luke explained to us how our life is usually lived in cycles. Everything is going well in the “innocence” stage of life then something tragic occurs that changes everything. We then go through the process of trying to reconcile what happened and return to that ”innocence”. He used a few Lord of the Rings analogies and showed us some videos. He taught us the three basic emotional needs for every human, and what happens if those needs are not met. The three needs include the approval of parents, a life companion, and friends or brothers and sisters to do life with. The story of Joseph showed us some great insights into our life. Overall, it was great to unpack our life story and see why we react emotionally the way we naturally do react inside. In addition to class we had two all day work days out in the beautiful sun. We all got a great tan and we also got sonic drinks! It was great to work as a team and help take care of our living environment on campus. Thank the Lord for two perfect days to do that. Loved the community and friendly and fun atmosphere. Another great week at the Kanakuk Link Year! I can not believe that we only have a month left, where has the time gone?