The Week In Review

This week we had a Bret Jenson, pastor and Assistant Director of REACH ministries, come and speak to our students. Bret spoke to our students about being enamored by the gospel. Bret said that no matter how old we get we should never fail to be amazed by the beauty of what Christ has done for us. During the week Bret also touched on how the cross was to satisfy God’s wrath and how He was the propitiation for our sins. For many of our students who grew up in church this was a great message to hear. So many times those who have grown up in the church tend to lose sight of the beauty of Christ and his sacrifice. Bret helped re-open our student’s eyes to this life changing truth.


This week our students have also started our final Bible study for the semester. We are learning the importance of a Christian worldview and how this affects every area of our lives. We are taking the students through a study done by the Chuck Colson Center.  This is one of the leading organizations in educating Christians about the importance of understanding worldview in our culture today. This study is going to equip our students to identify the different worldviews that are communicated in our culture today and how the Christian worldview can be lived out in spite of that.  Along with this study our students are reading through the book of Acts. Even within this first week our students have grown from this study. It has been a great week and we are looking forward to finishing the semester strong!