The Week In Review

This week we had Mr. Shemwell from Kansas City came and speek to our students on issues concerning theology and sovereignty. Mr. Shemwell is a brilliant scholar of the scriptures. His wealth of knowledge on issues surrounding theology was evident and our students soaked up every session like sponges. The students were challenged to think about issues such as predestination, salvation, and the sovereignty of God.  Many of these issues our students have never been challenged to think about before nor have they realized the importance of knowing what they believe and why they believe it. Our three days of class this week were filled with questions upon questions as students began the journey of finding out what they believe and why. We are so thankful for Mr. Schemwell coming down this week and challenging our students to think in ways that they have never thought before. It has been exciting to see the students begin to wrestle and search for the truth of why and what they believe!