The Best Decision

From a students perspective, student to student, I just want to say how, well no, I can’t put into words how grateful, blessed, obsessed I am with being here at the Kanakuk Link Year. Last year I graduated high school and knew that once I was done, I was going to K-State, well, wrong I was. Through the Lord, and wisdom from mentors I ended up at Link Year. My expectations were that of, concern for the kinds of friends I would make, joy, for the conversations I’d have, and excitement for everything I was going to learn. I moved in 3 weeks ago and during those 3 weeks, I have grown, learned, and loved being here. Here is my top 5 favorite things about the Link Year:

1. I absolutely love my classmates and staff. Each and every person here is so unique and has a different story which I have adored getting to know and learn about them. Even so it being three weeks, I know that I will keep in touch with a chunk of these people for the rest of my life.

2. I love love the conversations I have been getting into. Usually, I am pretty kept to myself, but being at the Link Year has already pulled and stretched me out of my comfort zone in such a healthy way. I find myself now sharing and listening and asking questions and getting in deep one-on-one conversations that sharpen me as a person.

3. The accountability. We are each put into accountability groups, which is huge. No person can grow without wisdom being spoken into their lives from peers and older/more knowledgeable adults. Having accountability has really made me have to dig deep inside myself and look at my motives, and my goals, and my sharpening points. Sometimes, it’s not what I want to hear but it is truly growing me in my faith.

4. Love the freedom. At Link Year, I was expecting a busy and rule orientated “freshman year in college”. Although, we do have rules, we do have the life of a college freshman. We have such a great schedule for classes which leads us to have our afternoons & nights free where we can, do homework, quiet times, hang out with friends, skype, watch TV, cruise the strip! Etc. Being said, I love the balance between speakers/class time and time where we have to manage what we do.

5. Last, but not least, I love the atmosphere. I went to a small christian high school where you could say I was in a bubble. At Link Year, not only am I living in a gorgeous Hawaiian themed kamp, I am experiencing such a different atmosphere. I feel very at home, but very on my own, and very content.

Really, I am just so excited to be here at Link Year and cannot wait to see what else God has in store to teach me and grow me while I’m here. I have already experienced awesome friendships and teaching by amazing speakers, I can’t fathom what else is next. I am so very content with where I am at right now, which when choosing a gap year program over college can seem maybe like that’s not the smartest path, I can’t imagine myself anywhere else but here. I know that if I would have gone to a university this year, I would not of been stretched in my faith, and I would not have a solid foundation of a Christian worldview as I go off to a secular university. Two words basically sum up this post, blessed & content beyond words.