Sunday Morning With Jack

Any Christian that has taken a religion course or sought a book that would help them grow in their faith no doubt has read or heard of the writings of C.S. Lewis. While Lewis has long past his writings and thoughts on the Christian faith are well known throughout the entire world. He is undoubtedly one of the greatest Christian thinkers of our time. Yesterday, our students got to experience something that not many other Christians and fans of C.S. Lewis will get to experience. As a group we attended St. Marks Dundela in Belfast. This Anglican Church is the exact church that Lewis was baptized in as a child. The history of the church is special. Lewis’ ties to it run deep as his grandfather was the rector of the church at the time of his baptism in 1899. Getting to worship in such a neat church with so much history was truly incredible! We are so excited for this week as we continue our study of Lewis. Today, we are visiting all the significant places of Lewis’ childhood and early adulthood as we take the C.S. Lewis trail through Belfast!