Students Voice- "The Internal Struggle"

Our speaker this week was Antoine Mack!  He was just wonderful!!!! Each day he talked about something different. He was definitely one of my favorite speakers so far! Not that this is a key reason to like a speaker, but he would give us breaks through out each session. It was nice having short breaks so I can really remember everything he said, process it, and refocus after each break. The first day he spoke about our mind and how people talk about the “battle” between science and religion, but really God just proves himself through science.

 The second day he spoke about the internal struggle with authority and conformity, the internal struggle with passivity, and lastly the internal struggle with inconsistency. He showed us lots of videos and had us discuss them with other students, which really helped me even better understand what he was teaching. The last day he talked about relationships and family. This was my favorite session for sure! He taught about culture’s approach to marriage in comparison to how Christians should approach relationships. He shared his own personal experience pursuing his wife. She was in the back of the room with their precious baby and she would throw in what she remembered too. It was such a fun, cute story!

Towards the end he had us write desires we want for marriage and for our futures and put them in a box. He read some of them aloud and everyone had good responses! He said that in marriage we have our desires but we also have our expectations. After a while we tend to start turning our desires into expectations but we need to keep them separate! “We need to inspect what we expect.” I really gained a lot from all three of his sessions! The Link Year students next year will be so blessed to have him come back!! Yay Antoine!! 

- Hannah, age 18