Students Voice- The Beauty Of Purity...In A Dark Cave

Hey my name is Ethan, and I’m from Thief River Falls, Minnesota. I was one of the first to hear of LY back in 2010 at K2. I recently moved to Lees Summit where I finished high school and started making plans to go to K State. I wanted to have training and preparation for college so I am attending LY to help prepare me for spreading the word and being a voice for God at a secular college. Recently we went caving, here’s what it was like.

There’s a mystique that hovers over the first frost of the year, almost as if it’s a hint of the winter to come, the frozen blades pointing in bizarre pattern that become the snows and flurries of the coming season.  The waves of light glistening off them like faint whispers of a hidden sun, a picturesque future painted in gold and silver.

Ironically this was the day we went caving, moving from a pristine frozen world into the mud and clay that lay beneath.

We came to an opening in the hillside, where a trickling creek lay carrying crystal clear water, from depths unseen.  We squirmed our way up a narrow channel in the dark to a small square opening about the size of a microwave.  We squeezed through one by one in to a enormous cavern.  One could see countless layers of earth from the years.  We headed off down a passage to the right and soon found ourselves sliding down a clay covered rock to a creek that ran through the cave.  As we crawled up the other side we noticed that the ceiling was getting closer.  Not long after did we find ourselves crawling on our bellies with the ceiling scraping our backs.  We pressed on and soon came to a circular camber with crystals, yet as we moved deeper into the cave the crystals became more numerous and larger until it was all there was to see.  Some were like porcupines with violet needles and other like crystallized oranges.  I was true beauty.  Joe White said it was like the beauty of purity.  A pristine fragile thing like the crystals that a single brush of a finger could destroy.  Yet unlike the crystals Jesus can mend our brokenness.