Students Voice- A Sense Of Fulfillment

My name is Tayler, and I am from St. Petersburg Florida. A close family friend, Brian, who is also close friends with Adam Donyes mentioned Link Year to me. As my senior year progressed he mentioned Link Year more and more frequently. He kept telling me how good of a program it would be for me and about the opportunities that came with it. My first hesitation about it was the fact that it was a brand new program and I was raised going to a Preparatory school. Not going to college right after graduating was unheard of so when Brian had mentioned it to me I sort of brushed it off. As the year continued it kept sounding more and more appealing to me. After praying a lot and having a lot of long discussions I decided Link Year would be best for me. Everyday I am reminded that I made the right decision. I heard this speech once when I was little that speaks to me daily. The speaker pulled out a clear tub and filled it with large rocks. He looked at the audience and asked “is the tub full?” In our naivety we responded “yes” knowing there was not any more room for a single more rock. Then he smirked and poured a bag of pebbles in the tub. We all watched and listened as the pebbles filled in the gaps that the bigger rocks couldn’t. The speaker looked at us and asked “now is the tub full?” We all smiled because he proved us wrong and we said “yes, now the tub is full.” He paused for a second then reached for another bag, filled with sand. He poured it into the tub and we all watched as the sand filled every crevice that remained. Thinking he wouldn’t be able to find anything smaller than sand we all answered “yes” when he asked “now is the tub full?” He smirked almost amazed that we had fallen for it again. Then he poured a glass of water filling the tub to it’s maximum capacity. Before I came to Link Year I had that sense of being filled. In my naivety I thought I have friends, family, morals, church, what else would I need? Soon after arriving here I was proven wrong and I continue to be proven wrong every minute I am here. Everyday at Link Year I feel a stronger sense of fulfillment as I pour into the Lord and his word and as the Lord pours into me. Here we are constantly challenged and encouraged to dig deep in what we believe. I feel like I have discovered a part of my mind and heart that I never knew even existed. By each day we grow stronger and closer to the Lord. Our eyes are opened to see God’s grace and His unwavering love for us. Our eyes are open to see that only God can fill those crevices and without Him we are not full, we are not complete, we are not anything. But with him we are saved.