Link Year…wow it’s been an amazing experience! We have learned many things here, along the lines of getting to know the Bible and managing our time. 

In class last Thursday, we took a survey telling us which animal category we fell into. I was categorized as a Golden Retriever. Basically that is telling us about what type of personality we have and what can be good about them and what can be a downside to them.

The positives about being a Golden Retriever is that we are the most loyal, we are good listeners, we are typically the type of person someone should marry, and we try to bring peace between others. Some of the negatives are that we tend to be quiet, and can in most cases get “walked all over”, due to us being so soft spoken, and we can tend to have low confidence. So basically that screams Richard Donnelly! That really hit the spot for me in class because it brought back a lot of different memories where I could fully see myself in a Golden Retriever situation. 

After we had taken the personality test we had a few students try to ask the opposite gender to go on a date with them and let’s just say it was really funny! Then the following Monday for Mystery Monday, we had to ask a girl to go on a date with us. We went on our date in groups and had a blast for sure! I think the reasoning for that is for the guys and girls to understand how to have appropriate and intentional dates for in the future. Starting next semester here at Link Year, we are allowed to date someone from campus if we choose to. I personally don’t think I will be participating in that, but it’s not something that you have to do by any means. Intentional and appropriate dating is something I have been learning here as well as my personality and who God has created me to be. I can’t wait for the following months ahead of us! 

 –Richard Donnelly-