Stability, Accountability, and scriptural knowledge were the three things going into LinkYear that I desired to grow in and boy has it blown me out of the water. The stability here is a once in a lifetime deal. We are consistently surrounded by bold, God-fearing leaders who desire to see growth and honestly I don’t get that in my everyday life at home. We are held to a higher standard than many other college kids but in the end we will benefit from the discipline. As for me I never desired to rebel, so the rules aren’t too bad. The accountability is incredible I meet up with four different groups each week and they challenge me to grow and seek out my faith. I trust these girls with my life they have definitely proven integrity.

     The week before I left Orlando to arrive in Branson at Link Year I was telling my mom how discouraged I was that I didn’t have any accountability or people pushing me in my faith and she just said to me “Amber, God is in a season of pruning you, his timing is perfect”. At that moment I wanted her to fix it and tell me everything was going to change but that wasn’t what God had in mind. Low and behold, not even a week later in the first lecture Adam Donyes gave to our student body he had a rose bush and was cutting off the dead leaves and roses stating “This year at LinkYear you will be pruned, stretched, and you will grow.”

     God has a unique way of validating and confirming things for me. Not only do I have one accountability group but four!  Last but not least, as far as scriptural knowledge goes I do not think I could have been placed in a more perfect situation. Each day I am presented with new ideas, theories, information, verses, and history. You name it and we are being taught about it. If I could leave with one thing from this year, it would be this. When I meet or talk to the lost for them to state “If Jesus is anything like you, then I want to know your Jesus”. That would be the best way I can describe how I want to live out my life everyday. I desire to be the hands and feet of Jesus and Link Year is getting me better equipped to accomplish this life long goal. God Bless!


- Amber