ST. PATRICK At Downpatrick

         Yesterday was all about Mr. St Patrick himself. The day started off with a lesson from Billy Stevenson, he gave us a brief history lesson on what St Patrick's life was all about. After class we headed out to Saul Church, the dirt church St Patrick established in Ireland. It is gorgeous! It's placed right in the middle of beautiful Irish countryside. I was in awe. We went in and a sang a few worship songs, that was my favorite part! It was incredible to be able to worship in the first church in Ireland, but even more incredible that we are worshipping the exact same God as they did thousands of years ago! After the church we headed to St Patrick Centre, and Downpatrick Cathedral. At these places we saw the gravesite of St Patrick, and had the chance to walk through his life of ministry in the St Patrick Centre! I have never studied St Patrick before, so I really enjoyed getting the whole rundown of who he was and what his life was all about! (Emily Smith)


    From the cold weather, to the green grass, Ireland has a surprise in every beauty I see. I absolutely love it here without a doubt, and I bet my colleagues would say the same as well. Today we went to mainly stops about Saint Patricks, which included my oral report over Down Cathedral in the city of Down. Our first stop was at the first church Saint Patrick ever started SaulChurch. We did the usual tourist thing, took pictures, made memories, And unexpected surprise we ended up having worship in that very chapel. Just being able to sing and praise the Lord in that sacred place was a blessing. Our tour guide Billy Stevenson talked to us a bit more after worship, then me, Luke, and Emily gave our reports on our spots. Fast foward, we got to Down Cathedral finally (dedicated Cathedral to St. Patrick) and got to see the place I had been reading about over jus pages but actually seeing it is a different story. The stain glass work was Beatiful, also on the walls were crests of Irish families who probably were either royalty or donors to the Cathedral. Over all the visit was worth it and meaningful, I will never forget it.   (Katelyn Batchelor)