St. Patrick At Downpatrick

This morning we got the treat of hearing from Dr. Hadden Wilson, former professor at Queens University and current minister in Belfast, who happens to be an expert on the subject of St. Patrick. Dr. Hadden gave our students a quick overview of the life of St. Patrick and the influence that he had on Christianity within Ireland. After hearing this talk this morning we left the manor and got to go see some of the most significant Christian sites within the British Isles. First, we made a stop at Saul Church. This church is the very first church in Ireland and is on the spot where St. Patrick first arrived in Northern Ireland. It was an incredible experience to walk around and see the history of our faith. Next, we went and got lunch in the town of Downpatrick. After a sandwich or some fish and chips we went and toured Down Cathedral. This Cathedral is significant because not only is it located near the starting point of Patricks ministry (Saul) but it is the final resting place of St. Patrick. Getting to see the grave site of such an influential man in the Christian faith was unforgettable. Today, was an incredible step back into history and a once in a lifetime experience!