This week we were blessed to have Shay Robbins come and speak to us. He spoke to us about intimacy with God. He discussed with us some verses to meditate on so as to “vacate” ourselves and prepare to hear from the Lord. It’s a way to ask the Lord to show you any blocks in your road to Him and to clean your heart and mind out. I really liked this approach because sometimes I feel like I have a hard time coming to the Lord because I know that I have junk I need to get right first. There are also times where I harden my heart to that and I need the Lord to put those blocks in my face.

We discussed how God speaks to us; he gave us these six general ways based off of scripture:

1)    His Word (Bible)

2)    Creation

3)    God’s People

4)    Holy Spirit

5)    Dreams & Visions

6)    However He chooses

Then how we receive it (the numbers do not correlate to those above)

1)    Revelation

2)    Illumination

3)    Impressions & Nudging

4)    Conviction

He also spoke to us about Spiritual Disciplines. This was probably my most favorite part because it spoke most directly to and challenged me the most. Allow me one more list and I promise that I won’t do another one.

·      Solitude

·      Prayer

·      Meditation

·      Fasting

·      Study

These are the things that he focused upon and as he spoke I realized that I am not truly “strong” in any of these areas.

Donyes asked us to figure out what it is we need to focus on these next few weeks we are here before we go home for Christmas break. My intention is to take each one of these disciplines and implement them into my life and focus on strengthening them and make the effort to hold to these disciplines. 

- Chad Moore