We had the opportunity to learn from Keith Chancey the other day in class. He was an extremely fast and energetic speaker; he imparted more information to us in 3 hours than many people hear in 3 months! There were several different things that I took away from his teaching:

1. God’s purpose on Earth is to find his true worshippers. This can be a bit confusing, but I took it to mean that when bad things happen to us in life, it shows our true character, and shows who God’s true worshippers are.

2. He walked us through a few chapter of the book of Genesis, explaining many different things. He told us about a theory of the beginning of the world that incorporates Pangaea and a water canopy surrounding the earth. The Bible says that before the great flood (Noah’s Ark), it never rained, and people lived for hundreds of years. If there was a water canopy surrounding the earth before the flood, people would be protected from the sun’s rays, and there would be plenty of water to have a worldwide flood. Its really interesting theory, and although it might sound a little out there, it explains many of the peculiarities and scientific mysteries of our world.

3.Keith said that “you are the only Bible that many people read”. This statement challenged me to set a Christ like example with my life so that I may be a good witness for Him.

4. When a baby is learning to walk and falls, you don't kick them and say, "get up!". We do the same thing to people who are trying to walk with God or are non Christians, when they don't know how to yet.

I learned a lot from Keith Chancey, and continue to enjoy wrestling with what I believe and why I believe it, along with the other Link Year students.

-Alex Young