This week has been a pretty incredible week in terms of speakers and the heart that they brought with them. On Tuesday, one of our favorite speakers came to talk to us about Heart Transformation. DA Horton expanded on the teachings of the Gospel, and how to teach it to others. He told us that as Christians we are called to share the Gospel with others. But it is not our duty to bring others to Christ. That is between them and God. God has to transform their heart. On Wednesday, DA taught on Maximizing Moments. This is something that I feel very strong about. Live to the fullest in the moments that you are in, because there is no guarantee for tomorrow. That doesn’t mean don’t plan for the future. We are called to be good stewards of our time.

On Thursday, Darrell Shemwell spoke to us about God’s Sovereignty, and we got to hear about what that means to other people in our class. I learned that it is probably the most important doctrine in the Bible to understand. Many other doctrines in the Bible are tied into God’s Sovereignty. The most important thing to me about it is that God predestined us and he is all-knowing, and he knew everything at once. There was no beginning and end. Please continue to pray that throughout this break, as we are home for Christmas, our hearts are continuing to change and mirror Christ’s, so that in everything, we are a representation of Him.

- Brooklin Bailey