Parent's Thoughts on the Link Year & Generation Y

Several parents have said to me with great enthusiasm, “the Link Year is exactly what my son or daughter needs!” According to founder and president of Growing Leaders, Tim Elmore, this might be exactly what this generation needs. Several studies indicate that “Link Year” like programs will continue to be established over the next decade.

Generation iY has left parents scratching their heads. A generation that has never known life without technology, that needs to be instantly and constantly entertained, and gets bored quickly and easily. Teenagers today are growing up in an environment unlike any we have ever seen, but perhaps parents shouldn’t see this as a bad thing. Here is a list of comments I have received from parents within the last month alone:

“My kid is really smart, he just isn’t very motivated.”

“My son scored a 29 on the ACT, but doesn’t even know if he really wants to go to college, is the Link Year for him?”

”I feel like my daughter wants to prolong growing up as long as possible.”

“My child is really gifted in technology, but not very academically motivated, should we send him to the link year?”

“Please teach my son how to do laundry, accept responsibility, and to balance a check book.”

All of these are comments and questions that come at no surprise. Tim Elmore in his book,Generation iY: Our Last Chance to Save Their Future, suggests that your generation Y children need EPIC type teaching to be motivated, engaged, or entertained.

I-Image Driven

In response to this generation’s need for experience, participation, images, and relationships the Link Year plans to use EPIC teaching to help students become more responsible, motivated, focused, and determined.

Tim Elmore has a short and free online test (Parent Quiz) to help you find out what kind of parent you are and how you might better engage with your generation Y child.

If you feel like a year of preparation and mentoring prior to university might be the best start for your family contact us to discuss the Link Year experience.