North Coast

Man this week here has been so crazy, we woke up early , however I over slept so my day didn't start off as good as it could have, but regardless I loved It today In Ireland. We took a trip up to the North Coast and viewed alot of beautiful things. We got a chance to go see the Giant Causeway where a myth tells the story about giants having a fight and creating the many plates that we saw,cbut It was really from ancient volcanic eruption. (slow cooling lava. It was declared a world heritage site by UNESCO in 1986, and a national nature reserve In 1987 by the department of the environment for Northern Ireland. It's the most popular tourist attraction. I took so many pictures with my friends/family, I feel very blessed to be here and I'm still stuck without words to say how grateful I am. We also visited this place where there were so mountains and I just wanted to climb them all the way to the top. It really showed me just a bit of how great God is and how creative God Is and how big our God Is... It kinda shook me to the core, It's a feeling I haven't understood yet, but It feels like life, like so much joy and faith In me for my God. It's crazy. We also took a tour of a place where once vikings stood and It was so big, It use to be a house or houses I guess, not sure, but I really enjoyed It. We got to hear how the people there lived and how they would fight off viking. It was a long ride to the north side It took us two hours to get there so I took a really good nap, when I did wake up I saw alot of lambs with different colors on them and our driver was telling us what kind of lamb was which by the colors and he said the lambs with purple on them are gay, and I died In laughter. He Is really funny. After that we went out to eat for dinner. Everyone got to choose where they wanted to go eat, I had fish and chips. This day was great I loved It.