This week for Mystery Monday we went to the Titanic Museum.  Upon arrival, we received a “boarding pass” with our passengers name on it.  I had the pleasure of having Simon Maisner, a Russian Jew who was a tailor.  Unfortunately, he was not one of the richest men there so he was placed in third class, he didn't make it.

As we strolled around the Museum, we were given the opportunity to read and listen to commentary given on specific points in the Museum.  It was a very interactive museum, complete with a morse code station and a bucket of freezing  water so we could feel how cold the water was.  There was a movie theater,  where I could relax for a little while and watch the always entertaining documentary on how the Titanic was made and more film before it set sail. 

We then swiftly moved on to the command room, my personal favorite.  It came stacked with a huge steering wheel and throttle. It was pretty awesome. Outside of there was the “outer deck”, the entire room was air conditioned to set the mood of what it would have been like.  The gift shop was the end of our journey.  There was everything from little trinkets to giant lollipops.  There were also a multitude of necklaces and other accessories that were a tad out of my price range.  It was a great way to spend the wonderful yet surprising 80 degree January morning.     

- Brenton Cole 



Hey y'all!

Well this Mystery Monday was awesome and totally something I didn't think we'd ever do. Brian Wang started off with reading us a poem revealing what our Mystery Monday activity would be. He read us the lyrics to the song, "My Heart Will Go On" by Celine Dion. Any guesses?? Well we all got it as soon as he started and the poem (actually lyrics) meant we were going to the Titanic Museum!! I was so excited because I had been wanting to go there since I got to Branson.

Once we got there, the people working gave us what looked like real Boarding Passes to the Titanic. On each pass it had a name of someone who was actually on it with a little biography of them on the back. How crazy and creative is that! We were put in someone else's shoes that was actually on the Titanic. Pretty cool! Throughout the museum, was the history, pictures, events, people and actual items that were apart of the Titanic. I don't know about you... But I balled in the movie Titanic. Like literally tears just everywhere. Not ashamed! And to walk around this museum was great to put it an actual perspective of some things.

At the end of the tour in the museum was a wall of all the survivors and the ones that has perished that night. We could see if the person on our Boarding Pass was still alive. Not going to lie. It was a pretty emotional moment. I mean just the whole thing is emotional when you really set your mind to it. I was one of the lucky passengers who did live! Me and my supposed husband :) haha!! Anyways this was a great Mystery Monday to get to be apart of and I'm excited for next week when we'll be in Ireland and get to go to Belfast where the Titanic was originally built!! What a blessing to be apart of this program!

God bless!!

- Joy Gossett