This week for Mystery Monday the guys and girls were separated. Man Week. Proverbs 31 Week. On Monday all the guys met in the Ala Moana at 9:00 AM and had a meeting. I’m sworn to secrecy, so just trust that it was a very manly meeting. We all trucked on over to the Ozark's Shooting Sports Club. We shot sporting clays for several hours. Matt Herndon showed some consistent shooting as he pulled through in the round round to take the victory, I followed up a close second with Brenton on my tail. We then played rounds of knock out to decide an overall champion. Matt one the first round after I knocked out Brenton. I won the second round knocking them both out at the same time. Then Brenton knocked out Matt in the third, and I quickly knocked him out, so I won.

We had so much fun hanging out as men and just glorifying God while shooting guns. We came back to campus and met up at the big grill. Adam Martin gave us all steaks and we grilled them by hand. We ate without plates just as men do. It was messy, but it was fun. Overall it was great to be able to go out and share memories, and make memories with close friends. It was fun being able to help people that had never shot guns before and surprisingly some of them shot really well. This week is man week, and men we will be.

-Brooklin Bailey 


This week is Man Week and Proverbs 31 (P 31) Week. We (the girls) have been separated from the boys during class during this past week; Mystery Monday was no exception to this rule. Apparently Rule #4 of Man Week is that the girls are not allowed to know anything that takes place during man week – that being what it is, I am unable to shed light onto what has taken place in the testosterone driven camp. Mystery Monday for the girls began at 9 o’clock that morning at the Donyes’ house. A few of the girls brought chips, candy and baked goods (piping hot cinnamon rolls were the highlight of the snacking experience). While we gabbed and snacked away until we began the first of the two chic flicks that we would watch that day; the two estrogen pacifying feature films of the morning wereRaising Helen and The Devil Wears Prada. Sometime in the middle of the second movie, a few of our female directors left to go get and bring back lunch. We experienced the luxuriously fine dining that is known less formally as Jayne Dough. For those of you who have never had the pleasure of allowing fresh jubilee of a Jayne Dough sandwich sing its melody upon your tongue cannot fully appreciate the magnitude of the situation. You are also incapable of fully comprehending the screech that erupted when the announcement was made that we were being served Jayne Dough. 

 We all had a wonderful time and thoroughly enjoyed Mystery Monday. It was the perfect start to our Proverbs 31 Week. Girl Power

-Morgan Calvert