This week's Mystery Monday found all of the Link Year students in the downstairs dining hall at 9 am experimenting and sipping on green smoothies while we listened to nutritionist Mary Willis discuss for two hours the topic of wellness and health. Extremely beneficial especially for students at the beginning of a year away from home and regular eating habits, Mrs. Willis gave much information and tips which can help health and eating habits both now and in the future.

Mrs. Willis introduces “The 7 Pillars of Health and Wellness,” and started with a quote from Sarah Young: “Living well is both a discipline and an art.” Wise words of wisdom, this essentially sets the mood for the rest of the lecture – challenges for living which will take effort to carry through entirely.

The seven pillars are:

1.     Hydration

2.     Eating Well...Life Giving Foods

3.     Sleep and Rest

4.     Exercise and Movement

5.     Detoxification: Filling in the Gaps

6.     Coping with Stress-Building Resilience

7.     Healthy Relationships – Building Community

Three challenges the speaker presented to her audience were drinking roughly 64 ounces of water a day, the color challenge, and also to be grateful for the little things and pray continually. First, we were told to aim for drinking about ½ of your body weight in ounces of water every day. This will eliminate the constant sugar drink cravings and will in itself cut back on major sugar intake. Second, the “color challenge” is trying to eat all 6 vegetable colors per day – difficult but possible with all the healthy options offered. Last, we were encouraged to be grateful and constantly be in prayer. Being grateful will lead to a cheerful and positive attitude and outlook, and therefore will cause many to not wish to resort to other means to attain comfort – namely eating away sorrow, difficulties, and problems of this life.

In all, mystery Monday this week was a great eye opening experience which will benefit the rest of our lives with information on health and how we can keep our bodies pure, as they are God's temples for which He created us to care.
- Shelby Williams