This week for Mystery Monday we changed the name of the day to “Mystery Mondate”. We felt the name change would make this event even more epic than it already was. The “Mystery Mondate” started out with the male students choosing a female student and taking her on a date. The restriction for this date was the gentleman only had ten dollars to spend for himself and his date. The object of this date was to prepare the students of Link Year for Second Semester; when dating is allowed. It also showed the gentleman how to be intentional with the ladies.

Once the students received their instructions thegentleman broke away from the ladies to prepare to ask thefemale student out on a date that they had planned in asmall group. One student Najee Cox asked his date out bywriting “Emily would you go on a date with ME?” He put thequestion on the bottom of a skateboard and rolled it to herwhile she was relaxing in the ala movie room. Other malestudent used props too. One of the most successful ask was by Rand when he asked his date, Jamie, out by holding out a flower to her and saying a poem he had written. Even though all the male students didn’t have an amazing date invite for their ladies. Most had a fun time asking the ladies and none of the guys got rejected. ( You can find a list of the dates at the end of this blog.)

After all the beautiful bachelorettes had been selected by a bachelor, the Link Year staff chauffer services started the date off by assisting the gentleman to load their dates into the “limovans”. The chauffeurs then took each of the groups to their destinations. One group of “couples” went to the Kanakuk Kamp 1 (K1) and went miniature golfing. Another group went to the Branson Landing and took the trolley tour. Then they went out to lunch.

I think that the Link Year staff did this for the students in order to motivate them to make the right decision when it comes to dating. That they may edify God in their relationships and to motivate us to strive for excellence like they always do. They also motivated us by giving us a chance to win a fifty dollar gift card to use with our date on the second semester. But more importantly the students are taking away a better reward. We took away a chance to grow in our individuality and our relationship building. The best reward for the gentleman, would be guarding your date’s heart and being intentional. For the ladies, I think it helped them realize that chivalry is not dead. It also showed them that there are guys who still pursue God and then them.

Date List

Amber Katynski- Luke Thomas and Javaris Perry
Morgan Calvert- Kevin Kiser and Richard Donnelly
Shelby Williams- Clark Tyner and Alex Young

Joy Gossett- Graham Dodd and Timothy Wright
Rachel Thigpen- Kyle Daley and Garrett Nelson
Catherine Pettis- Colt Ruelle and Austin Prevost
Claire Struzenberg- Brenton Cole

Emily Smith- Najee Cox
Jaime Smith- Rand Duechler
Beth Knight- Brooklyn Bailey 



Mystery MonDATE through the eyes of Emily Smith

This Monday Adam Donyes was super creative with what he planned for us to do. He called it Mystery MonDATE. Yup "date". We all gathered in the Ala with Adam, Adam, and Brian. They were all dressed in their nicest suits with sunglasses on and hair slicked back. Everyone was confused but we knew to not ask questions because Adam Donyes always explains his madness.

Once we all arrived and sat down, we were told that the boys had 30 minutes to plan a group date and that Adam, Adam and Brian were going to be our chauffeurs for the day. As soon as the words group date came out of Adam's mouth everyone freaked out. The boys were hooping and hollering, some of the girls rolled their eyes. We couldn't decide if we were excited or nervous for what they would plan and who would pick who. So Adam told all the girls to leave and come back in thirty minutes. Fair enough!

We left and contemplated what in the world they could be planning. I would have paid big money to be a fly on the wall in the Ala during that half hour. After their time was up all the girls headed back and sat down on the couches. One by one each boy came in and asked their girl on a date. They each had a clever way of asking! It was really cute! My date, Najee rolled in on his skateboard, flipped it up and on the bottom it read "Emily, would you go on a date with me?" Others threw a frisbee with a note on it, and some did it the old fashioned way by greeting the girl with flowers. Once every girl was asked we all piled into our respective vans and headed out on our date.

Some groups spent the morning on the Branson Landing, others played a few rounds of Putt-Putt, and another enjoyed a cup of coffee at Vintage Paris. My group did things a little different. They didn't exactly plan in advanced. When Brian, our "chauffeur", asked where to go first, none of them knew the answer. So they just went with the flow and planned as they went. We started out the morning with a little thrifting! After an hour or so rummaging through the racks of Salvation Army we hopped onto the Downtown Trolley for a joy ride! After the Trolley the boys treated us to lunch at Jayne Dough Sandwiches. It was such a great afternoon! I had a blast! I think this was a great idea! Donyes always encourages us to go on group dates next semester, and this was the perfect way to practice! I just hope the boys will plan a little better next time!