A lovely morning it was to start the day. 55 was the high and the sun was shinning not a bad start. Our Mystery Monday was chill but very exciting for us this week. As we all caravanned to our location, we played the game "freeze out". Basically we had the AC on the lowest setting, windows are open and the first one to complain about it was automatically the loser. It was fun for awhile but you can only handle so much you know? Anyway back to our topic we arrived 10 minutes later at a laser tag/ glow golf place and we were so pumped!!! We all spilt off into to groups, one would go play laser tag and the other would go play mini golf. Then another group would go and switch out. I was in one of the first groups in the laser tag room, it was a little bit smaller than I thought but was a true work out.  I had a lot of fun, has  been one of my favorite mystery Mondays so far. I feel that each day all of us grow closer together and we become more comfortable around each other. But I will always remember this never let your guard down in laser tag otherwise you will get mauled by everyone! 


- Katie Batchelor