Mystery Mondays are just too much fun! This week we learned life skills. The first skill we learned was how to share the gospel. Adam Donyes walked us through the Roman Road and which scriptures to memorize to lead someone to Christ. He also drew a picture of how the cross is the only way to salvation and a relationship with God.

The next skill we learned was how to appropriately dress and prepare for an interview. Autumn Wang laid out a perfect picture of what questions to ask and how to mentally prepare for a formal interview. I feel like this is a necessary skill to learn in life, and it definitely helps learning this before college.

The third skill was teaching us the importance of thank you notes and how to write them. Some people think this is an old school skill that no one partakes in anymore, but this is still a very formal skill that everyone needs to learn.

The second to last station was my favorite! Some of the maintenance guys from kamp taught us how to change a tire, jump off a car, and also how to check your oil. I’m so glad I learned how to do this, because a flat tire and a dead battery is never a planned event!

The last thing we learned was how to two-step dance. This was super awkward, but very entertaining. In college, this is basically the only form of dancing, so I was very thankful we learned how to dance! Overall, I learned some pretty cool stuff!


- AK Miskelly