Mystery Monday

After a fun week of activities designed to help us get to know our classmates, our surroundings, and the program itself, the Kanakuk Link Year class of 2013 was finally ready to begin our regular weekly schedule. With any normal program, this may be a drag, or cause many feelings of uncertainty and doubt, but K-Link knows just how to keep us hype for each week. We experienced our first Mystery Monday today. None of us had any idea of what we might be doing. We were given only one hint: wear neon. Last night, as all of the girls plumaged through their wardrobes, trying to find colorful outfits for everyone to wear, we began to speculate what the staff had planned for us. We grew in anxiousness and suspense to see who would be right. We met outside the Ala Moana (our student lounge) at 9:00 sharp, dressed in our neon garb (I’m sure the Institute students thought we were obnoxious with so many bright colors running around the Island). We waited patiently to hear just what we had gotten ourselves into. “Get in groups of five, each group needs car keys. We’re going to skate world!” Roller Blading. Black lights, disco music, and wheels on your feet. This could get interesting… And it did. We caravanned up the strip to Skate World, a small skating rink which more than likely gets most of it’s business from Kanakuk. A lot of us recognized it from Branson excursions we had taken during our summers at kamp. We followed true Kanakuk style by getting out on the rink, skating our little hearts out, and having a blast doing it. We jammed to some tunes, including a little J-Biebs, some Beyonce, and of course, a lot of Lecrae. While we danced and skated, others played arcade games and pool. We realized just how clumsy some of us can be… or maybe it was just me. It was fun to start off our week with a fun activity like this. We are so blessed to be given opportunities to continually spend time as a class, and grow through fellowship and understanding of the people around us. The rest of the day is ours to finish the assignments we have for the week, and to relax and replenish ourselves for our first REAL day of class tomorrow.

By Claire Strutzenberg