Mystery Monday

What an amazing Monday we had. This Monday was a sports lalapalooza! First, the students met in the classroom at nine that morning where we divided the men into 3 volleyball teams and the girls into two powderpuff football teams. For the next hour the students played volleyball and powderpuff football. It was an awesome time of fellowship and competition and the students had a great time!

After, the competitions were over and everyone had showered up we met in the classroom again to hear from our special guest NFL Hall of Fame inductee Mike Singletary!

Coach Singletary gave hist testimony to our students and spoke on the importance of choices and direction. Coach Singletary stated how there are times in ones life where we must make tough decisions that will lead us closer to Christ and closer to who Christ has made us to be. It was a powerful morning and we were so thankful that Coach Singletary was able to come and speak to us and give us great insights from a very wise man.