Mystery Monday

What an incredible past week we have  had. John Stonestreet of Summit Ministries came and discussed biblical worldview with our students. The insights and knowledge that he shared with the students was incredible and from the conversation that took place throughout the week there is no doubt that students were challenged and stretched in how their own view of the world. This past week equipped and prepared our students for the worldviews that they will face upon entering college and the workforce.

Our speaker for this week is Shay Robbins. Shay is the K-2 Men’s Director at Kanakuk Kamps. He is a phenomenal communicator and will be speaking to the students on intimacy with God and walking in the Spirit. In planning for this Mystery Monday we as a staff wanted our students to answer the question of why do they believe what they believe? We also wanted  them see the beliefs of others within the Branson area.

Starting this morning we gave the students a simple four question survey concerning thoughts on God. The students had to answer the four questions: 1) Do you believe that there is a God? Why? 2) How would you describe who God is? 3) What is God’s relationship to mankind? 4) What is man’s relationship to God? After answering these four questions and discussing them as a class the students divided into groups of four and then had to go out into the community and survey three people each.

This activity was very beneficial to the students. The answers that they received were not always your typical Sunday school answers. In the end the spectrum of people surveyed varied all the way from strong believers to people who had no faith at all. This activity showed the students that even within heavily churched areas like Branson, Missouri there are many people that do not have faith in God or salvation in Jesus Christ. We also discussed how that as Christians we must know how to share our faith with non-believers in a way that is very understandable to them. Overall, it was extremely beneficial activity and another great way to start off what is going to be a great week.