Mystery Monday

As you all know our students never know what is going to happen on Monday’s. We have aptly named this day Mystery Monday. This week we are blessed to have John Stonestreet (Executive Director of Summit Ministries) come and teach our students about biblical worldview. To prepare the students for this week we took them to see the recently released movie Courageous. This movie contrasts the difference between the worldview of biblical and secular manhood and fatherhood. Seeing this movie for our Mystery Monday did three things for our students. First, it showed what biblical manhood looks like within our secular culture. Second, it gave our students context for some of the issues they would be discussing this week. Third, it gave the students an experience outside of the classroom that they can connect this weeks material to. Overall, it was a succesful Monday that started us on the right foot to what is going to be a very enlightening and productive week!