Ireland, Here We Come

Well Link Year Friends, it is already February and we absolutely cannot believe that we start our trek to Ireland tomorrow! The ladies and some of our staff will be leaving tomorrow (Wednesday) afternoon and arriving in Belfast first thing Thursday morning…Ireland time, AKA 3am Central. The fellas and remaining staff will do the same flight arrangement, just 24 hours later, so they will arrive in Belfast Friday morning. This week has been a blur of packing, wal-mart and target runs, faxing, printing, and constant excitment building with every minute! Please bear with us for the next few days, as we will likely not be blogging. Once everyone gets to Ireland we will do our best to blog at least every couple of days. Our goal is to get the first post up Friday evening or Saturday morning after our first full day in Ireland as a class.

Each student was given a specific site to research that we intend to visit. Every day we will see different castles, museums, cathedrals, and other exciting places. In the morning, the students that have studied these sites will not only educate us on the history, purpose and current facts, but they will also be the ones leading some of the tours at these places. When we blog about the places that we have been, we will make sure to include pictures as well as some excerpts from the research done by the students responsible. Please also remember to visit our flickr account for pictures!

We are so excited for this experience! Ireland is such a beautiful place and it is our prayer that the Lord uses this as a time of growth for both the students and the staff. There is so much more to God’s creation than our small American lifestyle. As we step out of what has become our normal place of comfort (and into the majestic beauty of Ireland), we pray that the Lord not only uses this as an incredibly fun learning experience, but ultimately as a way to draw each of us closer to Him.

Thank you for your constant support and prayer! We will keep you posted on our adventures and look forward to sharing a little piece of this incredible journey with you!

**Parents, remember that your student has access to internet at the manor, and if they choose to purchase one, they will also have an international phone. Our first stop leaving the airport will be to make this purchase.**