Exploring The Irish Coast

Today, was a very exciting day as we got to visit the breathtakingly beautiful Irish Northern Coast! This country has some of the most beautiful scenery you will ever see and today we got to drive along what has been voted as one of the most beautiful highways in the entire world. The highway that we drove along today was very similar to California’s highway 1 as it winded all along the Irish coastline. We made some stops along the way at some of Ireland’s top places to see. Here is what some of our students had to say about the trip and the places that we visited.


Carrick-A-Rede Bridge

Hi, I am Sam Spivey. Today I led the group on a tour of the Carrick-A-Rede rope bridge in Antrim, Northern Ireland that stretches between the mainland Northern Ireland, and Carrick Island. The  bridge is approximately 20 meters long, and 30 meters high. From the Island, on a clear day, you can see Ranthlin Island, and Scotland. We were fortunate enough today to be able to see both. The weather was perfect. The bridge has been tested to withstand up to ten tons, but for safety they only allow a load limit of 8 pedestrians. It cost a total of 5.4 pounds to cross the bridge, however we got a group rate, and it only cost each of us 3 pounds. The bridge back in the 1960′s was used for fisherman during the salmon season (June to September), it was said that the fisherman would catch up to three-hundred salmon a day, but by 2002 there were only three-hundred fish caught all season. It is no longer used for fishing. Once the group crossed the bridge we all got to take some time for pictures. With the weather being so perfect the pictures turned out great, but I do not think the pictures do it enough justice. If the opportunity for you to go to Antrim, Northern Ireland ever presents itself for you, I would strongly suggest that you take take charge, and go visit the bridge. It is rated the second highest tourist attraction in all of Northern Ireland only behind the Giants Causeway. The Causeway has an average of three-hundred thousand visitors annually, and the bridge is closely behind with two-hundred and forty seven thousand visitors. Personally, I think that the bridge has much prettier scenery. The only factor is that the Causeway is all natural, and the bridge is man made.



The Giants Causeway

Hey guys it’s Jacob Stull, and today the Linkies and I got to go to the northern coast of Ireland. We got to see some very cool and beautiful sites. First we got to go see the Carrick-A-Rede, which was a very beautiful spot on the coast with a rope bridge stretching across to an island. After that we went to likely one of the most popular site visited in Ireland, the Giant’s Causeway, and this was the topic I got to study and present to the group. Basically, this is a very beautiful rock formation right along the coast where lava had come up out of the ground and cooled and cracked forming polygonal, basalt rocks that look like pentagons and hexagons. This process continued, and after awhile it formed large columns. It is  a very beautiful and awesome natural phenomenon. Now one of the cool things I found out is that scientist believe it was formed 60 million years ago, I researched this and personally I found that Christian scientist it was caused by the global flood. Essential it is a reminder to us about that great event, and it is a monument that proves the Christian faith. How cool is that? What a neat experience!


Dunluce Castle

My name is Mallory and I am a Link Year student. Today we visited several places, but my favorite was Dunluce Castle. It was the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. It truly showed that even in ruins, God shows us incredible beauty. Though it was old, we were able to walk around the castle and explore the inside. The kitchen collapsed in the 15th century so there was not much left of that, but honestly it was crazy just how some stones came together to make that structure. Every part of it was unique and different. It was definitely in the image of someone. There was no way that something that phenomenal was just thrown together, but it took years. God took moments with us, but puts every bit of love he can give, which is immeasurable, in all of us. Even when we are falling apart, we will always have value in the King of Kings. It gave me a moment of peace being there. It was my favorite part of the day!