Well this past Thursday we did a ton of traveling to the North Coast of Ireland! We started off with going to the Carrick-a-Rede Rope Bridge near the coast which was absolutely beautiful. You can be sure we took a lot of pictures! This destination is one of Northern Irelands top tourists attractions and I agree! After that we headed to Giants Causeway. It is an area of approximately 40,000 interlocking basalt columns, the result of an ancient volcanic eruption. It was awesome! We walked along a path taking on some high winds and some rain. Haha although it was cold, we got to enjoy more great views that we don't see everyday. The next stop was at Dunlace Castle. This castle has been a wonderful insight into life on the North Coast of Ireland a few hundred years ago. It was really cool to walk around and hear the history of the castle! Last but not least, we went to Portstewart. It was a great time for us to try the famous "fish and chips" of Ireland. Chips being fries. It was very good!! Portstewart is famous for its homemade ice cream and I'm afraid to say the ice cream place was closed once we got there! It was a bummer. Soon after that we got back on the road to head back to The Manor. After this long day of travel we were ready to get some sleep, but will remember such a great day!


      Hey everybody! Ireland has been pretty amazing so far, all the sights have really just blown me away. It's a beautiful place! Today we got the privilege of going up to the North Coast of Ireland and seeing the Carrick-A-Rede Rope Bridge, Giant's Causeway, and Dunluce Castle. While all these sights were amazing and greatly enjoyable I got the chance to talk about the Carrick-A-Rede bridge and a little of the history around it to my classmates. First off let's just get this straight, the beauty of this whole day was outstanding and it was really cool to see God's handiwork. Now onto some facts about the bridge. A rope bridge has existed here in some form for over 350 years and provides the only access to Carrick-A-Rede Island. It was used originally by generations of fishermen to cross the 30m chasm to fish for salmon. At first the bridge was just a single rope handrail bridge but now that this area has become a much larger tourist attraction they have made it safer and added a full bridge with handrails on both sides. The bridge is located in Antrim, Northern Ireland and it spans across the mainland of Northern Ireland and the Carrick Island. The sights are beautiful from the bridge and you can even see Ranthlin Island and Scotland on a clear and nice day. They day we went was a little overcast, but God's creation and the majesty of it was definitely still evident. I'm really glad we got to make this trip up to the North Coast and I look forward to what the rest of this trip holds for the whole class!