Class Is In Session

With week two coming to a close it’s time to update all of you on what has taken place aroung here. As I stated in my last post it’s hard to belive that we’ve been here for almost two weeks! So much has happened in what seems like so little time. With that said here is just a small glimpse into the action that has been happening here on the Link Year campus.

At the Link Year every Monday is a surprise for our students. They never know what activity will be taking place and what lesson and application they will be learning on that day. Our Mystery Monday activities almost always relate to what the upcoming speaker for that week will be discussing. We believe that by keeping our Monday’s fresh it helps keep the students engaged and provides context to what they will be taught that week. This weeks Mystery Monday consisted of Adam Martin (Link Year Men’s Director) taking our students out for a morning of fishing down at Lake Taneycomo. For our students that hail from small towns or the country this experience was right up their alley, while our city slickers had to get outside of their comfort zone. In all, it was a fun experience for everyone and was definitley a unique classroom setting. For the remainder of the morning Keith Chancey (President of Kanakuk Institute) spoke to our students about discipleship and being fishers of men. Our morning activity along with Keith’s talk allowed for our students to gain good insight on what true discipleship and reaching out to others looks like.

This week we have been blessed to have Ted Cunningham as our speaker. Ted is the founding pastor of Woodland Hills Family Church in Branson, Missouri and has authored and co-authored numerous books dealing with the issues of dating and relationships. His most recent book is entitled Young and In Love: Challenging the Unneccessary Delay of MarriageThis week Ted has been speaking to our students on the topics of dating, marraige, entitlement, and what healthy communication within relationships look like. We have had some great discussions in class and the students have been challenged and stretched to view relationships in ways that they have never viewed them before. Ted, along with the conversations that have been taking place this week, it has helped our students identify what the Bible says about healthy, Christ-centered, long-lasting relationships.

The conversation and the growth that is happening so early in the semester amongst our students has been incredible. Many of them have said that the relationships that they are building amongst one another has been the highlight for them thus far. I am reminded of Proverbs 27:17 which states “Iron sharpens iron, and one man sharpens another.” This year is about building authentic relationships that will sharpen and grow these students in ways they have never been sharpened before. The conversations and relationships that are being built here are doing exactly that. There is no doubt that as we go deeper into the semester these relationships will only deepen and strengthen as well.