Chester Beatty

On Monday, February 11th we all had to wake up very early to hop on the bus headed to Dublin. I was very anxious to see this city that I have heard so much about. We drove through some beautiful, green country and finally pulled into the city. It was almost just as I had always pictured it, a mix of past and present streaking through the city. People were dressed in European, trendy clothing that is only seen in magazines where I am from. Pubs and fish and chip houses line the streets. The smell of this amazing food fills the streets. It is hard to hide a group of 35 Americans walking through streets of a European city such as Dublin. Needless to say, we got some funny looks and stares. Our first stop was the Book of Kells. These are some of the earliest copies of the Gospel of the New Testament. It was so cool to see these documents because they were all hand written by monks and priests long ago. After we left the Book of Kells we went to the Chester Beatty Library where I gave my presentation. Then unfortunately we found out it was closed on the day we went and we were really disappointed, but we decided to go eat lunch instead. We went to a fish and chips place and I ate fresh cod. It was so good, and I don’t even eat fish in the states! Anyways so after that we all went shopping for a bit in the city, which was amazing. I have never seen so many trendy and high- end shops in one place in my life. Everything was pretty expensive but it was still fun to go window shopping. After we went shopping for a bit we went to the Art museum in Dublin, which was very cool. We saw a lot of really amazing works and our tour guide was very young but very knowledgeable of all the art she was showing us. Overall, it was an awesome day getting to eat the amazing food, people watch, get lost a few million times, and just experience Dublin and the history with all my Link Year classmates. I feel so blessed :)