A Day In Dublin.. And Beyond

Well, it has been a good while since our last post! So sorry for the lack of update on our adventures!

We loaded the buss left bright and early THURSDAY morning at 7am for a day trip to Dublin! We passed the beautiful Monasterboice on our sunrise drive! Once in Dublin we went to see the Book of Kells, The Chester Beatty Library, and the National Gallery. After our group tours, we were free for a day enjoying the neat city of Dublin! I will let the students tell you more about these experiences below. Unfortunately, we were not permitted to take cameras inside the museums and library, so there are not many pictures of these experiences. You can look further into these neat places if you desire by visiting their websites.

(these are some photos that a student took of the streets of Dublin and the Dublin castle)





I am Jon Kline and my assignment was The Monasterboice Cemetery. Although we didn’t get to see it in person it sounded great and people thought it would be really cool to see it. We did, however, see a replica of one of the crosses in the cemetery at one of the museums we visited. It was incredible. It was bigger and much more detailed then i would have imagined. I was able to tell what almost every craving on the cross meant because of the study i did. Needless to say, it was awesome!

Hello, I am Jacob Attwood. The book of Kells is the second oldest copy of the Gospels to ever enter Ireland, second only to the book of Durrows. In addition to its value as an ancient manuscript the book is also generally regarded as the best example of Western Calligraphy and Insular writing in existence. After seeing it in all of its glory for myself I am somewhat disappointed that it was not a required tour. Indeed, I have not seen a more beautiful book in my life. Its value as a historical reference not only to the scriptures but also to Irish history is considerable and I’m glad to have seen it with my own eyes.


The Chester Beatty Library house some of the most important manuscripts in antiquity in the world! The Chester Beatty Library is consider one of the top museums in Europe. Some of the important manuscripts that it houses is P46 which is portions of Paul’s letters dating back to 200 A.D. This is one of oldest Biblical manuscripts in the entire world and we got to see it with our own eyes! It was incredible to be that up close to such an important piece of history. It brought the Bible into a complete new light and showed how amazing God is in how he has preserved His word through the centuries.


Hi, its Mollie! I am excited to tell you about one of the places that we got to visit during our time in Dublin! We went to the National Gallery of Ireland. The National Gallery holds a large amount of the nation’s fine European and Irish art. We saw a lot of pieces from their current exhibition, Fables and Fairy Tales. Works in this exhibition are from artists such as Vincent van Gogh and Caravaggio. We were lucky to have a guided tour through the museum and learn more about the paintings we saw. It was really neat to see these beautiful, intricate and vibrant paintings up close!

FRIDAY was a free day for everyone! Most of the students, okay all of them slept in. Some spent the day at the manor curled up with a great book and a cup of Irish tea (a new favorite multiple times daily), others took some bikes for a spin around the city of Belfast, and still others went to City Center for some shopping and lunch at local cafes. That evening, a group of students attended the Ulster vs. Newport Rugby game! This was an experience that they all loved… they even came back singing the “Ulster Men” song. I have searched high and low for a picture of this event… we will get one up if we can!


SATURDAY was what the students would call “pretty chill.” We enjoyed Saturday the way that the Belfast locals do by going to the Ulster Museum and the St. George’s Market…the students can tell you more about these neat places! They had a blast and many will likely return to the market a time or two before we leave!

Ethan Redd here, and on Saturday we went to the Ulster Museum. The museum is free to the public but has guided tours that you can pay for as a group. The museum contains a mummy from ancient Egypt, several dinosaur skeletons, and art from the local college students. The art ranges from local student displays to art from the South Pacific and China. The garden at the museum is located in the Botanic Gardens of Belfast, and features 8000+ sq feet of floors of displays. The outside has been designed by serval architects and has a very classic/post modern look, which is interesting. Featuring, botany, zoology, and geology. It was an extremely fun and interesting day.

Hey everyone, my name is Michael Williams and I was in charge of researching St. George’s Market where we went for lunch on Saturday, February 11th. St. George’s Market is a very storied market in Belfast history and is one of the oldest Victorian markets that is still in use. The market has an incredibly rich history including being used as a mortuary after the Germans bombed Belfast during World War 2. I was definitely excited to see the market because I had heard about the numerous awards the market has received and a couple Link Year students actually went to the market the day before and said it was a very cool place to visit. Because we visited the market on Saturday, it was the day for the City Food and Garden Market. Saturday is a great day to visit because there was live music playing almost the entire time we were there. The two women that played were very talented and it made the two and a half hours we were at the market go by much quicker. When I was at the market, I went all around seeing everything I possibly could because the market was absolutely enormous. The market had so many kinds of food to eat, which always makes somebody like me happy, and also had many other items they were selling. I heard very good reviews about the venison burger and other random foods at the market, but I just decided to get a smoothie and sausage wrap because they were only 3.80 pounds and then just decided to hang out and enjoy the atmosphere of the market. Overall, it was a great experience and I am very lucky that I got one of the more fun places to research.