Today in Ireland we had a blast. Billy Stevenson our JBU tour guide spoke to us this morning. He gave us history and gave his testimony. It was hard to listen to. He has been through and seen a lot. His coming to Christ is an incredible story. We then visited the Shankill Road. It is where a lot of terrorism and fighting happened. Billy grew up around that life. It was neat to get to see the wall that separated the Shankill and Falls Roads. There was a lot of graffiti and writing on the wall. Walking around and seeing the wall and murals made it all so real. Through Billy’s story you could almost feel the fear and crime. We then went to Belfast Castle it was really neat. It was built in the 1600’s. It had an incredible view of where the Titanic was built along the Shankill Road. Outside the castle in the yard there are nine cats. We were challenged to find all nine. I don’t know how many people found all nine, but a few of us did. After dinner we watched a movie called Mickybo & Me. It was basically a similar story to Billy’s life growing up in Belfast. Two boys from opposite sides of Ireland became best friends at a young age. They ran away together to go out and enjoy the world. They robbed a bank and ran from the police. They both had tough home lives. It was really different to see how kids were raised in other parts of the world. So far we are learning a lot and having a blast in Ireland.