Another Day, Another Dollar

As far as school material goes this week we talked about the legitimacy of the gospels and how we as Christians can prove its validity. It was a really interesting topic and really caused me to rack my brain. Also, some of the intelligence of it flew over my head. But today, the topic was the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus which were really heavy topics. Seth Higgins was our speaker and he opened the day by just warning us that the subject matter was heavy and something that we as Christian do not focus on enough. So there I was, sitting at the back of the class on cloud nine as I had gotten 9 hours of sleep last night and has started my day by listening to Christmas music. For the first time this week I was actually in a great mood during the morning hours of the day and now I’m being told that we were about to have a really heavy class today. My eyes were opened to how gruesome to crucifixion of Jesus really was. It broke my heart and caused me to realize how much He truly does love me, which I easily forget sometimes. Seth was so right when he said that we don’t take into account the horrible death Jesus endured for our sake. It truly caused me to take a step back and see how much He truly loves me.

This week really has been my typical routine. BUT, next week will be completely different and I would really appreciate everyone’s prayer as we go into it. Next week we will be going to Kansas City for Urban Entry for a week long mission trip. I honestly don’t know what we are doing at all except for the fact that it’s mission work and I’ll be living out of whatever I can pack in my backpack for the week. I would ask for prayer as a group that God would use us and stretch us outside our comfort zones. I really pray that in this week I will come near to God and He will just break my heart for what breaks His. I am so excited for this!!!

On the 21st I’ll be heading home for Thanksgiving break which will be my first time home since I’ve been at school. I can’t wait to spend the week with my whole family and catch up with them…and spend some time at the beach! Thank y’all again for all the love and prayers!

Marcus HarrisComment