Project 52 - 52 Questions that are adapted from the New City Catechism App

Weekly Project 52 Discussion Groups – There are a total of 17 Project 52 discussions this year, covering 52 questions. They will take place Wednesday mornings at 10:00 am. Each discussion will cover 3 questions that students will have prepared for, answered, and researched. They will be responsible for showing up to discussion with their discussion questions answered.

Process 52 - Three times this year the students will sit down with a staff member and will be asked 10-12 Project 52 questions that they are responsible for being able to answer and explain. The 52 questions are broken down into three sections. Each section will require a "process" with a staff member at the end of the section. The specifics and given dates will be given to them in advance. It is a verbal process and they will be graded on that verbal process.

Apologetic Questions

Students will have two appointed times during the Fall semester where they will go before the class and answer one of the three assigned questions given to them at the start of the year. They will not know which question the "jerk” will ask. They must be prepared to give a defense to all three questions and will be graded on how they answer that question.

Inductive elective

Every Monday afternoon we have Electives for 45 minutes. One of these electives is learning to inductively study the Bible. Bible Study Every Monday morning students split up guys/girls and do a 45 minute Bible study together. Some are precepts written by Kay Arthur.


On Monday afternoons we provide Electives for our students to participate in. Some of the Electives include: Intro to Logos Bible Study Software, Car Mechanics 101, Bible Overview, Bass Fishing, How to Manage a Household, Cotillion & Etiquette, Social EQ.

7 pillars

Each student is responsible for writing 7 responsive essays (MLA format) on our 7 Pillars. The articulation shown in these essays will be graded and help the staff determine if the student understands the concepts.

The 7 pillars are as follows:

  • Authentic Accountability

  • Biblical Worldview

  • Growing in Gratefulness

  • Heart Transformation

  • Maximizing Moments . Privilege Responsibility

  • Student of Scripture