Student Life Questions

What does the daily schedule consist of?


8-9am | Bible Study

9-10am | Small Groups

10-11am | Accountability Groups 


8:30 -11:45am | Class       


8:30 -11:45am | Class


8:30-11:45am | Class

6-7:30pm | Family Dinners

8-9pm | The Fort


9am-Noon  | T.G.I.F.

What are some of the rules?

• Curfew is 11pm on Sunday-Wednesday. There is no curfew Thursday-Saturday.  

• No one is allowed to tour the dorms of the opposite gender at any time other than arrival and departure day. 

• Any substance such as alcohol, drugs, cigarettes or anything that alters your ability to control your body is strictly prohibited. This includes abuse of any prescribed medications or over the counter drugs.

• No sexual contact of any kind during the course of the entire year, on or off campus.

• To protect the commitment to purity and renewing the mind, students choose to set aside secular television and secular music, as well as refrain from watching rated R movies.

Will Link Year have the same rules as Kanakuk?

We will hold to the same values and standard of excellence as we do at Kanakuk Kamps in the summer. However, students will be allowed cell phones, movies, and free nights and weekends. The students will not be completely sheltered. They will be treated similarly to college students in a private, Christian university setting.

What if my teen didn’t go to college but graduated over a year ago?

If he or she still meets the academic and age requirements, we will consider your student for acceptance.

Where will students live?

Each student will live in a lodge dormitory setting on K-1's White River Landing Campus, which is located in Branson, MO. The dormitories are not co-ed, and members of the opposite gender will not be permitted to enter dorms of the opposite gender. Each student will have one or two roommates and each room has 2 bathrooms. There will be facilities where members of the opposite sex will be allowed to hang out.

What Is Provided In The Dorms?

Items that will be supplied for you by Link Year:
• Twin Extra Long Bed (may or may not be bunked)
• Closet space
• 2 Bathrooms per room
• Washer and dryer facilities on campus (coin-operated)

Will a refund be available if a student decides this program is not for them or is dismissed for breaking the rules?

No, but if a student is dismissed during the 1st semester he or she will not be required to pay the 2nd semester tuition.

Who will monitor the students in the evening?

Each dormitory will have a Residential Advisor, which we call a Campus Shepherd. The CS will be responsible to build relationships with Link Year students, encourage them in their academics, and hold them accountable to uphold their contract. The CS communicates to the students their responsibilities, assists in their development both socially and spiritually. It is the CS’s responsibility to represent the voice of our students.

Will Link Year calendar be similar to other college calendars?

Yes. Link Year students will have Thanksgiving Break, Christmas Break, Spring Break, and academic breaks while partaking in mission trips.

Will Link Year provide meals?

The Link Year meal plan consists of breakfast 5 days a week, lunch 4 days a week (Monday-Thursday), and dinner 4 days a week (Monday-Thursday).  On the weekend students will be required to feed themselves. Students will have access to a community refrigerator, freezer, and other appliances to prepare food. Students will allowed to have mini-fridges in their dormitories.


Yes. However we would encourage them to communicate their time constraints and need for flexibility with their employers up-front. We ask students to have a conversation with a staff member if they will be working more than 20 hours per week.


Yes. Students are encouraged to bring their own vehicle as it will make it easier for them to travel to and from extra curricular activities. However, it is not required.