Academic Questions

Does Link Year offer college credits?

Yes. Each student has the opportunity to earn up to 18 hours of transferable credits through our partnership with John Brown University. Students will need to fill out an application and submit their official transcript and test scores to JBU by September 1st. Students will actually register on-site during Move-In weekend. JBU Faculty will be on hand to talk to students and parents about classes, cost, financial aid, etc. This is when students will decide on what classes to take. Students will need to be accepted by September 1st to be eligible to enroll in any Fall courses.

Will the Link Year calendar be similar to other college calendars?

Yes. Link Year students will have Thanksgiving Break, Christmas Break, Spring Break, and academic breaks while partaking in mission trips.

Can I take more than 18 credit hours during the year if I want?

Yes, although we feel this might be overwhelming. Students will be able to take more online classes if they desire to do so. But due to the curriculum, events, and activities that the Link Year already has planned we do not encourage a Link Year student taking more than the 20 credit hours suggested.

What classes will JBU offer?

Fall 2017 semester on-site:

COM 2523 - Public Speaking— $1,254

Fall 2017 8-Week Online Course*
HST 1013- Western Civilization I (8 weeks)  — $1,254

BBL 1023 - New Testament Survey (8 weeks)  — $1,254
* Space is limited for the online courses, and the online courses are tentative and subject to change.

Spring 2018 semester on-site:

ICS 2993 – Study Abroad Experience (3 hrs) — $1,254

Spring 2018 8-Week Online Course*
CMN 1213 - Christian Leadership & Service (8 weeks)  — $1,254

PSY 1013- Introductory Psychology (8 weeks)  — $1,254

KIN 1002- Wellness for Life (8 weeks) — $836

* Space is limited for the online courses, and they are tentative and subject to change based on enrollment numbers.

If you have any questions about JBU, please reach out to Lauren Huffman of JBU who will be able to assist you.You may contact her at or 479-524-7423