Alumni Weekend 2018

We had a blast at the 2018 Alumni Weekend, we hope you did too!  Stay tuned for our next Alumni Event!

I honestly don’t know where I would be without link year. If I had to guess, I would be at aTm in College Station, TX. I don’t think I would be a believer and I would have given into worldly choices. Link Year is where I truly found The Lord. I understood grace for the first time and how much I needed it. I understood what community is and how it should be utilized for accountability, mentor ship and to see growth in yourself and the kingdom. It’s made me desire The Lord. Link Year awakened my heart to the radical beauty if the gospel and made me a seeker of the King.
— Mallory Bingaman | Class of 2012
Looking back Link has prepared me for where I am now by giving me a solid stepping stone, Link has prepared me in so many ways, everything from using time blocks to maximize my moments and work on a schedule , to preaching Christ to myself on the daily, to understanding my need for authentic relationships. So much of who I am now and where I am now, is because of the work God did through my time at Link.
— Tiana Taylor | Class of 2012
Link helped me prepare by giving me the discipline to stay on top of things and giving me the tools that I need to keep my priorities straight. The 7 Pillars still help me today and anytime that I’m not living by one of these pillars, I need to check myself and reevaluate my priorities.
— Graham Dodd | Class of 2013
I can tell you that Link helped me mature in the importance of attending class, giving back to my community, managing money, doing my work, and still making great grades, but there is no other place that can prepare you for the trials you will face in college like Link can. I learned that the most important things is to have a body of believers surrounding you throughout college. I tried to do it by myself for a while, but just when I thought I was “fine” and “had everything together,” I was asked the hard questions by the Donyes and the Wangs and realized exactly where I needed to get back to. Link helped me set the standard of how I needed to live my life. Today I have the most incredible adults constantly praying for me. The same people continuing to push me in the Word, and the same accountability best friends that keep in contact with me every week to make sure I stay where the Lord has intended me to be. I can mess up and make mistakes, but Link has prepared me for the droughts in college that will come. Link has prepared me with the right Scripture and weapons to fight back the devil when he know exactly when to attack.
— A.K. Miskelly | Class of 2013
Link Year was a life-changing experience for me. It helped prepare me physically, spiritually, mentally, and emotionally. I learned to take more responsibility, manage my time, lead others, and seek God in everything I do. My worldview was transformed at Link Year, and my Biblical knowledge grew tenfold. In college you run into many challenges and tough times, having gone to Link Year has allowed me to face those challenges with a solid Biblical foundation. I’m eternally grateful for what Link Year has done for me, it saved my life!!!
— Jacob Stull | Class of 2012
Looking back Link Year has prepared me to turn away from being lazy, and unprepared for college. It has also taught me how to not conform to the social norm, instead be a light to people around me. Link Year has taught me how to be more social, and spiritual with those around me.
— Javaris Perry | Class of 2013
Link prepared me by letting me taste authentic community. Which challenged me to navigate through “thriving” ministries and churches to find authentic ones filled with authentic people.
— Connor Baxter | Class of 2012